About Us

Eden & Heirloom helps make “that time of the month” not so bad. Our mission is premium, affordable products that are better for you and the environment. A place where everyone is welcome, women feel empowered and can celebrate their body and femininity.


All of our products are handpicked and vetted for utmost quality. We source top products from top suppliers at rates you can afford. Why? Because you don’t have that option at today’s retail stores. Women are forced to choose products that are expensive, potentially dangerous and bad for the environment.

We want to change that! Our products are safe, reusable, and contribute toward a sustainable lifestyle for everyone. We use these products ourselves, working hard to create a holistic range of options that complement one another.

Take the time to care for yourself, love yourself, and surround yourself with positivity. You are beautiful, capable, and strong beyond belief. You deserve quality products and modern ideals. Let us help!


Customers want real people to connect with, and that’s what Eden & Heirloom offers. Our Support Team is within an email’s reach and ready to answer any of your questions quickly and thoroughly. Customer service is our priority. We want to put a smile on your face, resolve your concerns and add positivity to your day. Just shoot us a note, and look forward to the best in customer care!

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