About Us

Eden & Heirloom specializes in natural solutions for healthy living. Our mission is positive energy and natural healing. Our pledge is quality at affordable prices.


Eden & Heirloom was founded to combat life’s daily pressures that preoccupy the mind and exhaust the body. Our goal was to create a company that offered premium, healthy lifestyle products at affordable prices. A place everyone is welcomed to inspire positivity and heal his or her spirit. 

We look for holistic solutions that encourage healthy, sustainable living and mental positivity. We want to empower others to take control of their happiness and create a peaceful retreat within their own home. YOU are capable. YOU are powerful beyond measure. YOU are strong enough to deflect what life throws at you. It’s our mission to help you free your mind from frustrations, conquer stress and negativity and replace them with peace, healing and compassion.


Mindfulness, caring for yourself, loving yourself – these are things we often forget. How often do work or personal struggles tarnish your passions leaving you tired, angry or anxious? In order to keep our mind and body healthy, we sometimes have to stop. Stop and breathe; stop and think; stop and appreciate. To do this, you must create a safe space of personal acceptance and tolerance so your body’s natural healing can overcome your frustrations.

From essential oils, to purifying teas and bath and body pampers, Eden & Heirloom can help create that space. These products are chosen with you comfort and mental health in mind. Take the time to care for yourself, love yourself and appreciate what’s in front of you. You’ll come out more resilient than ever!


All of our products are handpicked and vetted for utmost quality. We source top products from top suppliers at rates you can afford. Because let’s face it, everyone deserves indulging in a world full of stressors - sometimes, you just need the tools to get there. Eden & Heirloom’s products help guide your mind and body toward relaxation and natural healing. We use them ourselves, and work to choose those that compliment each other on a mission toward positivity. Our happiness is your happiness.


Customers want real people to connect with, and that’s what Eden & Heirloom offers. Our Support Team is within an email’s reach and ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Customer service is our priority. We want to put a smile on your face, resolve your concerns and add positivity to your day. After all, we want to be a part of your global family; a friend you can count on for peaceful solutions for healthy living. We stand with you in harmony and offer you the best in customer care.

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